Westfield Youth Lacrosse

Each  year  since  our  inception,  the  Westfield  Youth  Lacrosse  Program,  a  non-profit  organization,  relies  on  the  generosity  of  businesses  like  yours  to  assist  us  in  our  goal  of  providing  the  opportunity  to  play  the  sport  of  Lacrosse  to  the  children  of  Westfield,  MA,  and  surrounding  communities. 

This  upcoming  season  will  rely  heavily  on  donations.  We  experienced  a  financial  loss  that  has  left  us  without  any  funds  for  our  upcoming  season.  As  a  board,  we  are  looking  to  rebuild  and  provide these kids with a great 2023 season. 

 The  mission  of  our  program  is  to  positively  develop  young  kids  (K-8)  while  instilling  critical  life  values  and  a  lifelong  passion  for  the  sport.  Westfield  Youth  Lacrosse  provides  an  enthusiastic  instructional  curriculum  that  develops  skills  and  emphasizes  sportsmanship,  camaraderie,  integrity, loyalty, and work ethic. 

 As  you  might  imagine,  it  takes  a  lot  of  volunteering  and  financial  support  to  make  an  organization  of  this  size  successful.  All  our  board  members,  coaches,  and  helpers  are  volunteers,  and  provide  a  great  amount  of  hard  work  and  dedication.  Registration  fees  are  charged,  but  those fees alone do not cover all the teams’ expenses. 

 All  the  financial  assistance  received  from  sponsors  like  you  goes  directly  to  the  costs  of  operating  and  continuing  the  development  and  growth  of  our  organization.  Any  donation  is  used  for  regular  game  costs,  including  field  rental,  field  lining,  referees,  and  tournament  entry  fees, practice and training equipment, clinics and training, and team expenses

A  donation  to  our  league  is  an  investment  in  the  future  of  our  community  which  supports  our  efforts  in  developing  the  youth  generation  with  a  positive  character  and  a  drive  to  compete  and  give back to the community. 

 We  would  appreciate  your  organization  supporting  our  efforts  and  success  story  by  sponsoring  our  program  during  the  2023  season.  Please  feel  free  to  contact  any  WYL  board  member  with  any questions you may have. 

 Warmest Regards, 

 The Westfield Youth Lacrosse Board 

President – Vacant 

Vice President – Deidre Bean  

Treasurer – Debra Aldrich  

Secretary – Ceriana Lynn  

Registrar – Candice Berube  

Marketing – Mike Racicot 

Field Coordinator – Justin Bard  

Equipment Manager – Vacant 

 Parent Liaison/Boost – Theresa Fairley  

Player Development – Patrick Levesque  

Webmaster - Vacant 

501(c )(3) Non-Profit Organization-Westfield Youth Lacrosse Federal Tax Identification Number  26-2005429.

*Please make checks payable to Westfield Youth Lacrosse and send to P.O. Box 962, Westfield,  MA 01085. 

 **Please note: Donations received after the date for jerseys,  will be placed on team jerseys for the following year. 

Visit their website: https://www.westfieldlax.org/

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